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Mini Art Apprenticeships with Steve Morvell

Present you with a very special opportunity to study and work (one to one) alongside and under the exclusive guidance of one of the best known Wildlife Artists in Australia. During a long and brilliant professional career Steve has become widely known around the world as one of the finest artists in his field. He is acknowledged and respected for his powerful and evocative works based on real life experience.

Now with the construction and opening of his brand new, purpose-designed studio/gallery and surrounded by wild creatures in Victoria's Grampians National Park, Steve is giving individual art students from around the world the once in a lifetime chance to work alongside a respected professional artist with 30 years of experience. No matter what you want to learn and no matter what your level of experience ….. Steve and his fabulous professional work space will give both you and your art wings!

With him as your personal tutor and mentor you will learn rapidly from his awesome skill and encouragement. Watch closely as he demonstrates his hard earned skills for you. Why struggle with learning the hard way when Steve has learned so much of it already. Let him guide you past the agony, past the pitfalls, show you the tricks and get you onto the true joys of making the powerful art you always wanted to make. Target exactly what you want to learn and where you want to take it. Dare to light your artistic fire!! Dare to be excellent!!

Mini Art Apprenticeships are held at regular times through the year but only one student at a time is allowed this wonderful chance. So if you think a 5 day Mini Art Apprenticeship may be for you contact Steve Morvell right away to ensure your place. Remember placements are very limited ….. life is too short to be ordinary!

Cost for this remarkable 5 day course is $1500. Non refundable booking deposit of $700 and balance of $800 to be paid at the time of the actual apprenticeship.

On completion you will receive a signed certificate as well as a personal gift from Steve's Wildlife Art Studio/Gallery.
……..And as if that isn't enough… his art apprentice you then have Steve to call on at any time as your ongoing, personal Art Mentor and advisor.
To book your once in a lifetime opportunity contact Steve straight away and avoid disappointment.

Some comments about Steve's teaching:

Lets Talk about…

Doing an art workshop.   
By Sue Rochford

Steve Morvell’s Mini Art Apprenticeships, Studio/Gallery, Halls Gap, Grampians


Right now I’m on a couple of rest days. I’ve had three intensive days one-on-one with a master artist in his brilliant studio up in the Grampians, Victoria. Tomorrow I head back into this other world of art and artistry for two more days. There’s no getting........................................ Select to see full Sues account of what any participant might experience.


“For a week I had the most wonderful and mind blowing experience of standing on the shoulders of a giant! I can never thank you enough for all the knowledge, experience and wisdom that you shared with me. It has been a life changing event. You are a world class artist and a gifted teacher.” ..... Ellouise

….."Steve is a very generous and inspiring teacher who gets you out of your comfort zone ,to reach out…break the boundaries of old routines and achieve your own true potential.……Having Steve as an art teacher provided me with the huge turning point I needed."….Claziena

"Wow…bloody fantastic!"…Wendy

"Fabulous to see a master at work…Thanks for giving me another way to express my feelings. What a gift!"…Carla

"What a wonderful eye opener. You are a very patient teacher. Thank you for letting me learn so much"…Gaye

"Excellent and very informative. A source of great inspiration both technically and creatively"…Tony

"Excellent exciting new techniques that freed up my style" Wendy

"The ability to quickly produce fresh and dynamic field sketches was a goal I dared not set. Applying Steve's techniques has placed this previously unattainable goal firmly on my agenda."…Stephen

"With Steve as my teacher I achieved things I previously KNEW were impossible!"….Liz

"I feel extremely inspired!" …Marlo

"One of the defining moments in my artistic journey!"…Warwick

"Fantastic!...One of the high points in my life. Steve's genuine love and passion for what he does is so infectious"…Sharon

"Best workshop I have ever been to!"…Sue




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