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Steve Morvell Australian Wildlife Artist A watchful jewel  sacred kingfisher  Pastel painting drawing

‘ A watchful jewel – sacred kingfisher ’
Pastel on Supertooth  paper
Size: 39 X 27 cm.
Price:    $ 2400
Much of any kingfisher’s day is taken up by sitting very still. They are sight hunters and their vision is remarkable. Kingfishers have advanced eyesight with binocular vision and the ability to polarize light, thus reducing the reflection of light off water. They hunt prey on land and also learn to compensate for refraction, allowing them to catch prey more accurately in water. Another remarkable adaptation to its life in a variety of environments as diverse as air and water, is the perfectly streamlined cross section of the beak which scientists utilised in designing the Japanese ‘bullet train’.
The thing I loved most about this Sacred kingfisher was his patience as he sat quietly nearby for hours. Later, upon my return home I learned this was only the 3rd reported sighting of a sacred kingfisher on Kangaroo Island.

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