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Steve Morvell Australian Wildlife Artist Pastel painting drawing - Add a dash of blue – superb fairy wren

‘Add a dash of blue – superb fairy wren’
Pastel on Canson Tex paper
Image size 28 x 38cm
Price $2400

Often it is the smallest thing in life that brings limitless pleasure to me. The superb fairy wren is a tiny but lively and adaptable bird which lives and breeds in our gorgeously overgrown garden here in the Grampians National Park. Every Spring they produce bunches of fluffy fledglings with tiny stubby tails and feasting on the abundant insect life which surrounds us until they truly couldn't stuff in another bug. To portray a bird so tiny in an art medium like soft pastel is possibly the desire of a looney.....since the technical difficulties implicit in the task are of truly epic proportions as any pastellist will know very well. But after the 3 days of titanic struggle it is done and the miniscule bird is complete. I hope you enjoy him as much as we do here in our garden paradise.
If you live somewhere without small birds then maybe you would like to consider supporting the Australian Wildlife Conservancy

a fabulous organisation that achieves great outcomes for our wildlife.

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