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Steve Morvell Australian Wildlife Artist Grandma’s chair - laughing Kookaburra Pastel on Colourfix  paper Painting Drawing

‘ Grandma’s chair - laughing Kookaburra ’

Often, and especially on hot summer days, the neighbourhood tribe of laughing kookaburras come to sit in the cool, arching shade of the golden ash tree at out back door. They will also occasionally take up a quiet seat on the back of my grandmother's old cane chair on the verandah and keep me gentle company as I read a book or have a quiet coffee.
This young guy sat quietly with me for about 20 minutes recently as I delved into the latest book from my library of animal volumes. I don't know if he is as interested in elephants as me but his was certainly most welcome. This pastel artwork shows his simple, curious and gentle nature

Pastel on Colourfix  paper      29 X 18 cm.              $1500

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