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Steve Morvell Australian Wildlife Artis Itís a big world - Powerful owlets Charcoal Engraving on board Painting Drawing

‘ It’s a big world - Powerful owlets ’

As Australia's largest owl the adults are supremely powerful and can be quite fierce but it's hard to take the babies too seriously when they are at the fluffy white fuzzball stage. Insanely curious and trusting, I had the opportunity to monitor these siblings for many weeks as they mature rather slowly in comparison to other birds. Now that they have left the nest and gone off with their parents I miss them terribly. They added so much joy to my day even if I only stopped in for a few minutes to say Hi at the end of the afternoon.
This pastel artwork has been very demanding.... possibly because I spent a lot of time relating to the twins over several months. Of course knowing the subjects rather well I needed to be sure I got them and their presence at the nest hollow just right.

Pastel on Colourfix paper    50 X 33 cm.

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