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Steve Morvell Australian Wildlife Artist Just passing through - Great Egretí Pastel Painting

‘Just passing through - great egret’
Pastel on Supertooth  paper
Size 56 X 78 cm.
Price $ 4500

Well it is winter here finally....and rain it certainly has....bringing a surge of green life to bushland that has been suffering the agony of a long and unseasonal dry. Cold yes...even snow but our skinny kangaroos and struggling birds are at last putting on much needed fat for the cold months.
My thoughts at this time turn to the transient nature of life, together with the passing of seasons....and in a couple more months the promise of new life as the creatures turn their hopes to a warming spring sunshine.
I felt it appropriate right now to share with you my latest pastel painting entitled, 'Just passing through - great egret'. When he is there before your eyes in the wilds of Southern Tasmania he takes all of your attention. He is a dream made real, an apparent illusion of such grace and beauty as to leave one speechless. But he is alive and real...and other smaller creatures in the water fear his coming as the harbinger of their own deaths.
But after all isn't that life in a nutshell?.....Nothing lives but for the passing of other life forms. And when I am back home in my snug Grampians National Park studio I wonder aren't we all coming and going.....was he real....did he actually pass so silently and gracefully that I sat breathless at his luminance?
Or was he just a dream?....


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