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Steve Morvell Australian Wildlife Artis New life from old roots- Powerful owlet Charcoal Engraving on board Painting Drawing

‘ New life from old roots- Powerful owlet ’

Powerful owls are notoriously easy to disturb when they nest so we maintain strict secrecy as to their exact location. I would hate to think I could ever be responsible for triggering desertion of the nest hollow and especially during May, in the early nesting stage. At that time the laying female is extremely touchy.
Once these owlets (and this year happily there are two) have assumed some adult plumage and are old enough to accompany the parents away from the nest (usually in December) they have to find enough food for all of the family and that is no easy task. Powerful owls have very large territories and since each can eat up to 300 possums and gliders or more each year you begin to understand the problem with a pair of adults and two dependant chicks to feed! They also hunt mice, insects and a range of other birds, including large prey such as cockatoos, magpies, ravens and currawongs.
Our lovely little chicks have now moved away with their successful parents and our happy thoughts go with them as they attempt to become the fierce hunters we treasure in our forest ecosystem.
This charcoal engraving depicts the elder chick if all his fluffy glory as he slowly took in the big outside world from his ancient gum tree home....including this curious human who kept turning up to watch and learn.

Charcoal engraving on board       59 X 47 cm.              $2800

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