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Steve Morvell Australian Wildlife Artist On our watch – wood ducks Pastel painting drawing

’ On our watch – wood ducks’
Pastel on Supertooth paper
Image size 64 x 65cm
Price SOLD

Some people have been asking me where I have been lately as I have posted nothing new on FB. Well the answer is here in these pics of a brand-new pastel artwork that I have been throwing myself into for a couple of weeks. This is a privately commissioned work and I normally don't show these until the owner has taken delivery of the original work but in this case, I have not only gained permission but Gemma's happy tears truly made my day when her loving husband Chris shared the photos which I sent him in private this morning. The painting is (was) special birthday surprise for her as she has a background in studying Australian wood ducks in the field but in that way that many women have, she knew something was up and the secret was disclosed........ many happy tears later I received a glad phone call from Gemma telling me how totally excited and just over the moon her hubby has made her. Yes, the birthday surprise has come a few months earlier than planned.... but all involved are very happy and that after all is the main thing.

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