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Steve Morvell Australian Wildlife Artist Portrait of Skeksi -barking owl Pastel painting drawing

Portrait  of Skeksi -barking owl ’
I am having a bit of an 'owl moment' lately and visiting with my good mate and falconer Martin Scuffins at his Leigh Valley Hawk and Owl Sanctuary, has given me new energy for these remarkable birds who play such a key role in ecosystem health as top order predators.

A real favourite has to be Skeksi the barking owl. I cannot remember ever meeting a creature with more enthusiasm for life in the moment. His searchlight yellow eyes and loud growls accompany any of his aerial manoeuvres.
 Those same eyes are a joy to paint. For this pastel painting I felt the vibrant orange under painting added to the intensity that is Skeksi in action
Pastel on Supertooth  67 X 47cm.            $2500

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