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Steve Morvell Australian Wildlife Artist Wedgetailed eagle Pastel Painting

Warrior queen - wedgetailed eagle
Subject: Young female Wedgetailed eagle
Medium: Pastel - drawing painting on Colourfix paper
Size: 47 x 67 cm
Price: $2950

Description: Wedgetailed eagles are very much soft gold and ginger when young(especially about the nape) and darken year by year until they are almost entirely black around 7 years of age. Their tearing beaks are also much darker when young and by full adulthood are whitish. Once persecuted mercilessly by humans 'Wedgies' are slowly beginning to appear in the skies around rural Australia again where graziers have begun to accept that the occasional loss of a sickly lamb is worth it for the clean up of carcasses that Wedgetails undertake.

Original Available For Sale: Yes

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