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'Putting both the 'wild' and the 'life' back into animal art'



Steve is very happy to undertake commissioned artworks of all types...from large scale murals to personal pets as well as individual artworks for orporate, government and private purposes.
Steve is also very happy to licence his artwork for commercial usage and offers licencing for a specific purpose as well as outright purchase of copyright for open application if that is what the client prefers.  He regards comissions as the highest form of praise an artis can receive, saying : It's the ultimate compliment for someone to place total trust in your art and your capacity to come up with the goods at any given time!"

All commissions are professionally contracted giving the comissioner total protection and guarantees as to the form of content, completion and delivery dates, medium and quality of materials etc.

Commissioned work Steve has undertaken vary from huge murals, sculptures and smaller works through to the University of Ballarat (Moved back to Halls Gap Dec 2010) Ecobus and on a small scale several illustrated books and even Australian Postage Stamps.

For all commission enquiries contact Steve Morvell on +61 3 53564820 or email:



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