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Steve Morvell Australian Wildlife Artist African painted or Cape Hunting dog Pastel painting drawing
'Painted lady - African painted dog'
Pastel - drawing on Supertooth paper
35 x 47cm
African painted dogs have a well earned reputation as being fiercely efficient and formidable hunters. When the entire pack combines forces they very rarely miss out on capturing their selected prey. There is though another side to these exquisitely beautiful and intelligent creatures. Individually patterned and coloured two dogs are the same. They are extremely social with a complex language of vocalisations and postures. They also share the raising of any pups. Hunting adults bring food back to the communal den to feed the pups and also their adult guardians. Sadly like many creatures in Africa, painted dogs have to compete with human graziers for territory and for food. Most farmers have a skewed view of these beautiful animals and do not appreciate the pivotal role such keystone predators play in manintaining the health of an entire ecosystem. They mercilessly kill the dogs and there is a very real danger of them vanishing from the wild entirely in South Africa in the next few years. Once they are eradicated the natural order will automatically fold up as the final detriment of ecosystem and grazier alike.
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