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Steve Morvell Australian Wildlife Artist. ‘Big fella  -  eastern grey kangaroo’ Pastel on Colourfix paper

‘Big fella  -  eastern grey kangaroo’ 
Pastel on Colourfix paper      
Size 34 x51 cm.

Every time I walk out to my studio this gorgeous kangaroo is watching me......He lives in our back yard during the day, taking advantage of the grass I keep green for the roos and of the shade given by our gracious old trees. 
 Eastern grey kangaroos are very common around the Halls Gap valley where I live and it is my very great joy to have them around my studio/gallery every single day of my life. I often pause to watch them and this guy in particular is very friendly. He has a calm, self-contained energy which is typical of the big nothing you ever do could surprise them. When I talk quietly to him he often meets my gaze with his own deep and thoughtful little pools of rain hidden deep in the dark forest and unruffled by breezes. Under the force of his gaze I feel my heart slow .... my breathing becomes deeper and relaxed. Thank you big roo.....I don't have a name for you....but then you probably don't need one. For me I am just grateful you allow me to share in your life.


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