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Steve Morvell Australian Wildlife Artist Charcoal engraving Burning bright – Bengal tiger

‘ Burning bright – Bengal tiger ’
Charcoal  engraving on board
Size: 33 X 49 cm.
Price: $ 1600
Resting in the shadows and staying out of the mid-day heat is the magnificent Bengal tiger. One of the most respected and admired of all the big cats, the Bengal is down to maybe 2,500 wild-living individuals left.
Apex predators are critical to maintaining forest ecosystem health.  That means protecting tiger habitats is crucial for elephants, people and forest habitats too. Where tigers thrive, so do other diverse plants and animals. When we protect wild tigers, we help save many other species such as rhinos and orangutans. Traditional and indigenous people living with tigers as close neighbours rely on the forests where tigers live for their livelihoods and survival. This reliance on bountiful natural resources means that conserving natural tiger habitat is vital not only to the survival of other species but also to traditional and indigenous peoples across Asia.

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