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Steve Morvell Australian Wildlife Artist Contentment Mother Kangaroo & joey  . Pastel painting drawing

‘Contentment - eastern grey kangaroo & joey’

There are very few things I can think of which demonstrate contentment more than the expression on a mother kangaroo’s face when she is intent on feeding her baby. Her whole-body language speaks of complete and total relaxation.
At about 9 months Joey emerges from the safety of the pouch, becoming progressively more independent until she is no longer allowed back in mum’s pouch by around 12 months of age. After this time, joey drinks by putting her head into the pouch to suckle.

When the mother gives birth to another tiny joey and it enters the pouch she can cleverly produce milk in one teat for that new joey, at the same time producing a different type of milk for her older joey who now only drinks from the other teat.
What a joy it is for me to share in the growing of new joeys as they snooze in the sun beside my studio.

Pastel on Supertooth paper
56 x 38
$ 2400

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