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‘Curiosity – Australian sealion’

Sometimes I wonder why certain things happen and why others do not. Nature is a constant puzzle but when you factor in the effects that we humans can have on our surroundings, I am stung by a constant lack of awareness and often by total unconcern shown by many people when it comes to the biosphere which we all call home....all species together and interdependent. Australian sealions are to my mind the most beautiful and lovable of all the seal species on the planet...........and yet their numbers continue to decline and nothing is really being done to understand the complex web of human influences on them and on their habitat. So now they are not only the most beautiful....they are also at maybe 10,000 for the whole of Australia....making them also the rarest sealion species. I have been working with wild sealions for 30 years in the wilderness and I simply cannot understand why so few people appear to care. Maybe you do. I hope so and if you do maybe you will care to help

This is my most recent pastel painting done from material gathered on Kangaroo Island last month. How I love sharing days with these gentle and loving creatures.

Pastel on Colourfix paper
Size   35  X  56  cm
Price $ 2500

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