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Steve Morvell Wildlife Artist The golden hour  Greater Kudu pastel drawing

The golden hour –greater kudu’

Pastel on Colourfix paper
Size: 56 X 37 cm

The greater kudu is one of the largest African antelope. Supremely athletic and powerful these boys can grow to over 300kg and stand 160cm at the shoulder. Generally shy, the males sometimes form bonds with other males but are still generally very retiring. A typical male will immediately hide in the nearest bushes if surprised in the open. Magnificent spiral horns, powerful body and delicate striping make them one of Africa's most beautiful creatures. The splendid bull in the foreground of this pastel painting is one I met in South Africa and was rare in the sense that he paused for several minutes in the open to observe me sitting quietly in my car. Those precious minutes we shared in peaceful wonder are memories I will carry forever. African sunset and greater kudu bulls.....doesn't get much better than that.

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