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Steve Morvell Australian Wildlife Artist Pastel Painting Heading the mob – Kelpie

‘Heading the mob – Kelpie’
Dimensions 82 X 41 cm

PRICE $  2800

A good working dog is a wonderful creature to behold and especially when in full flight around a fast moving mob of sheep. As guest artist and judge at the Casterton Kelpie Muster I had the very great privilege of visiting Joe Spicer at Go-Getter Kelpies near Glenthompson to observe and learn about these brilliant dogs doing what they were bred to do.
Apart from being superb athletes Kelpies have a razor sharp mind and lightning reaction times. Simultaneously monitoring both the stock they are working and their owner to whom they are unshakeably devoted. Joe worked with his dogs for 3 hours in the yards and out in the paddocks as they shifted focus from sheep to cattle and back again with no noticeable difficulty or shift in enthusiasm.
I believe this particular dog may have gone on to win the Kelpie high jump competition too and if he did I am not at all surprised.
As a former German Shepherd breeder and obedience instructor I have found the Kelpie to be second to none in overall intelligence, athleticism and reasoning ability. A real joy to be around.
It’s little wonder farmers say a good dog is worth 3 men

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