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Steve Morvell Australian Wildlife Artist Itís what I do giant panda Charcoal drawing

‘It’s what I do - giant panda’

Giant pandas often appear lazy…. simply laying about and not doing much besides eating. The truth is the giant panda’s diet is so nutritionally poor that pandas often have very little energy left over to fuel vigorous activity. In the wild pandas manage their migration and breeding behaviour in synchronicity with the growth of a couple of important bamboo species.
Pandas move from valleys up the mountains in spring, and then move back again in autumn. Summer browse contains high amounts of protein, needed for muscle growth, but is low in calcium for milk production and bone growth. In winter their forage has high levels of calcium but is low in protein.
By migrating seasonally pandas can find enough of both essential nutrients to breed so the significance of habitat fragmentation by humans then becomes obvious. It is vital that continuity of habitat is maintained for giant panda survival into the future.

Charcoal on arches paper
66 x 42cm
 $ 1900

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