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Steve Morvell Australian Wildlife Artist Pastel painting Monkey business - young vervet monkey

' Monkey business - young vervet monkey '

I know monkeys can be very naughty when they are young and the adults can even be quite intimidating with their sharp canine teeth but I am certain this little guy in KwaZulu Natal in Africa last year had nothing but goodwill on his mind.... well, that and a feast of yummy red flowers.
Vervet monkeys are highly social, largely vegetarian and crucial seed dispersers within forest or riverine ecosystems. In areas where forested habitat has been restored vervets have played a key role in recreating lost biodiversity. They can however be very clever and deceptive (much like us humans) and I have had a troop performing distracting tumbles and somersaults on the ground in front of me while behind my back the dominant male was silently raiding the camp refrigerator! You learn very quickly in vervet territory to guard your back....     or your car....or your camera ...your lunch and your alcoholic beverage and..... well just about anything that is not nailed down. But for all of that I still adore them.

Pastel on Colourfix paper 54 X 36cm.            $2800

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