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Steve Morvell African Male African Lion Charcoal painting - engraving on board

Peace at last - African Lion
Welgedacht sanctuary  - Bongani
Charcoal engraving on board   
Size : 85 x 54cm
Price: $3200

You may remember back to our Africa trip in May this year and the wonderful visit we had with Kevin Richardson at his fabulous Welgedacht wildlife-sanctuary.
This painting is hot off the easel and depicts one of the many beautiful lions which Kevin provides a lifetime of sanctuary for. His name is Bongani. You can tell by the relaxed manner of this fellow that he feels truly at home in the sanctuary. I tried to bring the warmth and peace he feels all around him to the fore with this artwork. I hope it does this magnificent male the justice he warrants in his own right. As indeed is the right of every creature.

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