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Steve Morvell Australian Wildlife Artist Charcoal engraving ‘Some days are gold – Eastern grey kangaroo and joey

‘Some days are gold – Eastern grey kangaroo and joey’
Charcoal engraving
51 x 36cm

Sometimes I have bad days and other times I have good days....but then there are those days when I truly give thanks for where I live and for the creatures who choose freely to make 'our' backyard theirs too. Those times are pure gold and when I stepped out of my studio a few days ago to lean over the glass railing this is what I saw.....right beneath me, tucked safely back into a spot among the lavender. Snoozing in the morning sun and secure from the wind was this mother Eastern grey kangaroo and her tiny joey tucked safely into her mum's soft pouch. Completely unconcerned by my presence they lay soaking up the warm rays and generally relaxing after their nocturnal adventures. They showed no fear whatsoever as I talked quietly to them …..enjoying the warmth of the morning sun just as they were. Yes these days are pure gold and I pray I never take them for granted.

This technique is something I have developed over 20 years and is what I like to call 'charcoal engraving'. It is a combination drawing and engraving technique which I truly love.

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