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Steve Morvell Australian Wildlife Artist. Tears of the lion -African lion - Charcoal engraving on board.  painting drawing

‘ Tears of the lion -African lion ’
With less than 20.000 African lions left in the wild it seems there is no time like the present to do something about this frightening situation. With an ever-increasing population of 8 billion humans placing ever more pressure on natural habitat worldwide it is time to come to terms with the reality that all we hold dear is hanging on by a thread. We do have the power in our hands to make it right…. But we must not just talk or feel bad. Each and every one of us must do what we can. We must act….. and act now. This artwork takes us on a journey into the heart and mind of the lion and allows us to see beyond our own limited perception.

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Charcoal engraving on gessoed panel     83 X 114 cm.       $7800

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