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Steve Morvell Australian Wildlife Artist Pastel The clash of Titans – greater kudu

‘The clash of Titans – greater kudu’
Pastel on Super tooth paper    
Size: 95   X  66cm
Price: $4500

The greater kudu is perhaps the most spectacular and powerful of the African antelopes with a shoulder height up to 160cm and weight of 315kg. During the breeding season the males develop massive neck muscles from thrashing bushes and gouging soil in territorial displays. Their murderously-sharp, spiral horns average 132cm in length and during their intense battles the heavy males can become fatally locked together by their own spiral horns or even stabbed to death by the needle sharp points.
To witness two proud and powerful bulls fighting seriously is something I will never forget. Like two men in a real bar fight they were totally oblivious to our presence as they brawled in the dust of a late afternoon. The crash and thud of horn and muscle was as frightening as it was thrilling to experience. The contest lasted quite some minutes before one curled up his tail and bolted for the bush…. pursued in ignominious defeat but at least without apparent injury.

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