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Eyes of innocence-Squirrel Monkey.
Squirrel monkey' (2008) Subject: A young Common squirrel monkey looking wonderingly at his world Dimensions (centimeters): 30 x 30 Medium: Pastel - drawing on Colourfix paper Description: The rather deceptively named 'Common' squirrel monkey hails as a species from Central and South America. As lovely creatures go I have always found these little monkeys to be anything but 'common' in the aesthetic sense. This little guy belonged to a large extended family group living in a huge open enclosure at Shanghai zoo. Complete with natural food trees, rocks and and a grassy hillside the family made great entertainment for themselves all day long. They even had a local cat visiting each day to jump over the wall into the enclosure where it spent the afternoon snoozing peacefully among the monkeys. They for their part didnt worry about him in the least.
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