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'Out on a limb'
Giant panda' (2007) Subject: Young giant panda tentatively explores for food Dimensions (centimeters): 62 x 94 Medium: Coloured charcoal engraving, and drawing Description: This young giant Panda is exploring the treetops in its search for food. The Giant panda's diet of mostly bamboo is so poor in nutrients that the daily quest for food is never ending. The Giant panda is vulnerable in many ways and not least of which is its generally amenable and gentle nature. I have never met such gentle creatures as I did during my field trip to Western China ...and my understanding of pandas is now tinged with a curious mix of love and sadness for the ways in which they have been treated so often in the past. Happily the Chinese government now takes panda preservation very seriously indeed and their future may now hold a glimmer of hope. Original Available For Sale: Yes Limited Edition Available: No
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