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Tiger tiger-young Sumatran tiger.

Price $2900
size 63 x 35cm
Pastel on Supertooth paper

All sub species of tiger in the world are under dire threat in their wild state. Poaching and illegal trading of tiger parts and products is one of the most immediate threats to the Sumatran tiger along with habitat destruction. Nearly every part of the tiger is reported to have medicinal healing properties from the eyeball (a treatment for epilepsy) to the whiskers (a cure for tooth ache). Although trade in tiger parts is illegal poaching is widespread as a single adult can fetch up to $20,000 on the black market. Sumatran tiger numbers have crashed in recent years. At the turn of last century, there were three subspecies of tiger in Indonesia - the Bali, Javan and Sumatran. Today both the Bali and Javan tigers are EXTINCT and only the Sumatran tiger still hangs on at around 350 individuals. This little female is not even a year old and being in a zoo will never know the reality of wild living.....but then again she may well live many years of relative happiness.

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