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Steve Morvell Australian Wildlife Artist Pet Portrait pastel painting drawing Tarni Australian shepherd

‘Tarni _Australian shepherd’
Pastel on Supertooth paper

I love most species of animals....(though I sometimes make exceptions for random humans ;) ) I am often asked to create portraits of special critters and Tarni the Australian shepherd is just such a girl. I have been itching to post her online but of course had to hold back until her owners viewed the artwork (Which they now have hanging proudly in their home).
When Tarni, who is 12, was brought for a gallery visit I was immediately taken by her delightfully playful and puppy-like manner. The challenge to capture that joyful spirit was one I accepted readily and over the next few days I threw myself into the art while the memories were still fresh.
The end result is one I am thrilled with and it encapsulates the essential Tarni.....but of course this is why I insist on meeting critters in person. You cannot properly capture the spirit of someone you haven't met.

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