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Exhibition and trip to Beijing
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It took me a whole day from 9.30am til 5.30pm to wander and photograph my way around the whole place. I think I saw most of the place but I have to say I can hardly wait to go back to see some more.

The biggest walk in aviary contains an 80 foot high waterfall and stream as well as jungle habitat...truly splendid!!!...and stuffed full of amazing birds to boot :. My only complaint about Singapore generally being the heat and humidity which I am assured hardly changes throughout the year....very hard for someone from Victoria!!

It would be safe to say their 4 species of Flamingo took up a huge part of my day.but how can one go past them for sheer beauty and fascination?

Another highlite was the walk in aviary containing the so called 'Lesser' bird of paradise (If that is the lesser one I cant wait to see the greater one :).







Singapore Zoo took up the next day and by the time I walked all around there I was totally pooped. This little Orangutan spent a long time posing for my big camera lens. I have no doubt she was fully aware of what I was endeavoring to do and made every effort to help with interesting poses and good humour.









Many critters I have never seen before and others never seen in such display situations (many without fences and several free to range) made the zoo well worth the heat to experience. I guess my favourites were the white tigers who were so aware of everyone around and of each other that I could have stayed all day just watching them as they swam and climbed and wrestled their way through their day. Formerly naturally occurring in the wild there are sadly no more white tigers left in the wild. And in fact if nothing is done we will probably find all wild tigers gone in as little as 15 to 20 years....a sobering thought.

Well for now that's about it but in due course you will see the new work resulting from the trip and I can hardly wait to get stuck into it all. Bigger, better and more powerful artworks coming up folks :

Until next time stay wild about art:




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